Concannon Lumber works a long side Wolstenholme International. Together we offer more than 30 years of experience in importing Baltic Birch plywood from our mills in the Baltic region and brings the vast resources this region has to offer, to your door. Our warehouse facilities are strategically located to offer, just-in-time shipments to any area of the United States, Canada, and Mexico. We strive to offer every option of thickness, grade, and dimension made available in Baltic Birch, from our warehouse.

  • Traditionally, Baltic Birch has been the primary choice of plywood for use in: Drawer box construction
  • Engineered flooring
  • Architectural plywood platforms
  • Hardwood upholstered furniture frame
  • Juvenile furniture
  • Die Boards
  • Laser cut plywood
  • RV / Trailer industry
  • Speaker cabinets
  • ATA Flight cases
  • Concrete form / shoring panels

The European Edge

Baltic Birch plywood is uniquely manufactured with multiple ply’s of Birch veneer, used uniformly, throughout the panel. Each layer of birch veneer is peeled at 1.3mm or 1.5mm thickness giving the panel a multi-ply edge that is both aesthetically attractive and offers unmatched strength and stability. Birch plywood from the Baltics has been available in the United States for over fifty years, and still today, goes by the trade name of Baltic Birch. Historically, only available in 5’x5′ sheets, today production has expanded to include numerous other formats, such as 4’x8′ and 10’x5′ and 10’x4’.

The market for Baltic Birch plywood in the United States has seen continuous year to year growth, as it replaces traditional plywood options currently available to woodworkers especially where, strength, stability, and quality are required.

Breathe Easy

Excessive Formaldehyde emissions from plywood products have become an important issue with consumers and new legislation has been passed on both state and federal levels. We have worked very closely with our manufactures to ensure that we are on the leading edge of this safety matter. Our Baltic Birch suppliers were the first to become certified as CARB and the more recent EPA TSCA Title VI emissions standards. While all of our 5×5 mills are currently Phase 2 certified, our 4×8 panels go one step further, and in addition to being CARB2 certified, these 4×8 and 10×5 Baltic Birch panels contain no added urea formaldehyde and certified as NAF/ULEF.

Grading Standards

Baltic Birch Plywood is graded with a face and back grade designation. The following face/back veneer grades are available from our warehouse facilities:

Single piece face and back. Both face and back veneers allow 3-6 small color-matched patches on average and some light mineral streaks. Tight pin knots may be present. Inner cores are solid single piece veneers.

Single piece face and back. The “CP” back veneers are downgraded from “BB” grade veneers, which allow for unlimited patches and sound knots, but does not allow for open defects. Inner cores are solid birch single piece veneers.

Single piece face and back. Face and back grade veneers allow unlimited sound knots and repaired splits and unlimited patches. The panel is sound both sides and designed for laminating.

Patches, open knots, and small veneer splits allowed. Veneer lap and small core voids permitted. This panel is not sanded and would be used for structural purposes.

Shop panels are offered in the full 60” X 60” format in all of the grades listed above. Panels allow for 1-3 splits on the face veneer along one edge of the panel in lengths no longer than 10” and no wider than ¼”. Shop grades offered at a substantial discount to the “on grade” prices.

The explanation of grades listed above is a general overview. You may contact us directly for a copy of the complete set of grading rules as outlined by the standards.